Pulsated Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)


Non invasive treatment

Lowering Inflammation

Relaxation / Sleep

Balancing Mood

35 - 50 minute treatments

Increasing Energy

Athletic Performance

Pain Management

  • PEMF therapy has shown to be successful for support mood,energy, pain relief, sleep, lowering inflammation and increasing bone and joint health
  • Clinically studied, with over 7,000 studies resesarching PEMF treatment
  • Used by atheletes, home owners and clients to reach optimal well being
  • Naturally improves blood flow, reduces inflammation, pain and increases blood oxygenation

To see if you are suitable for this, email me for a 10 minute complimentary discussion. Ongoing PEMF treatment for the maximum results. Packages are available on request. Available in Hertfordshire and Central London. This can also be added on to additional nutritional packages.