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Sleep and gut health may prevent Dementia

Sleep and gut health may prevent Dementia

Tuesday 2nd January 2024

Research has correlated the link between lack of deep sleep, poor gut health and Alzheimer's Disease.

Twice as many women have Alzheimer's Disease compared to men. It is unclear why this is, though maybe due to women living longer than men and lowered oestrogen levels through the menopause. Though this is still poorly understood.

What we do know is that sleep and gut health are key to help prevent Alzheimer's.

A recent study showed 11% of people that are diagnosed with Alzheimer's have H Pylori. Signs of H Pylori are acid reflux, excessive burping. Your Health practitioner can easily test this for you. Though even better ask your Nutritional Functional Medicine Partitioner to run a stool test to check for absorption, inflammation, microbiome and microbiome using DNA alongside culturing.

A lack of deep sleep over the age of 60 has been linked to Alzheimer's Disease. Deep sleep occurs in the third stage of non REM rapid eye movement sleep , these are long slow waves known as delta waves. Aim for a minimal of 7 hours of sleep and even better to have sleep before 11pm and rise at 6am/7am to support your body clock.

Slow wave sleep clears out metabolic waste from the brain, essential for protection of Alzheimer's Disease.

Preventive medicine has to be for the majority not the minority as our NHS system cannot cope and cannot be relied on. Be empowered start your nutrition and wellness journey now and happy to arrange a complimentary 10 minute call.