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I am passionate about being the best you can be and what better way to start than with nutrition. Our macro nutrients include protein, fats and carbohydrates which are dependent on enzymes to facilitate our biochemistry. Our biochemistry is ticking over 24 hours per day with high demand for vitamins and minerals. These essential nutrients enable our mind and body to perform at optimum peak to enable you to express and deliver your maximum potential.

This is known as preventative medicine and no pharmaceutical drug is a replacement for balance, happiness and being your ultimate best.

Melissa X

Selenium The Power Mineral

Wednesday 3rd August 2022
Melissa Cohen for Thyroid UK

Selenium is a trace mineral, which means we need very little of it to create a metabolic impact on the body. 3 brazil nuts…

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Breathe Oxygen back into your blood with Chlorophyll

Monday 13th June 2022

Chlorophyll is present in most green vegetables, and some people take it as a health supplement. The potential benefits of chlorophyll include improving health, boosting…

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The Abundance of Magnesium

Thursday 28th April 2022
Melissa Cohen for Thyroid UK

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Count Chemicals Not Calories

Tuesday 19th April 2022

There are no legal requirements in the UK to stop food manufacturers producing foods with toxic levels of acrylamide. Acrylamide is a carcinogen see…

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The missing link between sex hormones and Cognition

Friday 18th March 2022

If your cognition is declining and you have been to your GP and have had a series of tests and scans and nothing has been…

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Bacteriophages reduce bloating, IBS by targeting harmful bacteria

Monday 14th March 2022

People are surprised to learn that about 70% of the human immune system resides in gastrointestinal-associated tissue (known as gut-associated lymphoid tissue. The immune system relies…

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Nutritional Support for improved cognitive and behavioural development

Monday 31st January 2022
Nutrients MDPI

Academic Research demonstrating the important of personalised nutrition in pregnancy. Some interesting take home pointers to save you reading the whole article: First 1,000 days…

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Drink for the Sole

Thursday 6th January 2022
Melissa Cohen

What is Sole? Sole is essentially water that has been fully saturated with a natural salt. This isn't just a small amount of salt dissolved…

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Obesity in childhood on the rise

Thursday 6th January 2022
Sourced from The Lancet I feel strongly about children's nutritional health and well being. The foods we eat are able to communicate with genes and…

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Zinc to shift the common cold

Tuesday 21st December 2021
Melissa Cold

It's that time of year when there are so many colds driven by viruses. There is good reason for old fashioned remedies to…

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Listen to your gut, for Thyroid UK

Thursday 16th December 2021
Melissa Cohen for Thyroid UK Magazine

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Plant based diet eliminated Migraines

Friday 26th November 2021
The Guardian, Ashley Gallagher

I have posted a blog from The Guardian as it's close to my heart - headaches and migraines. I can be prone to these…

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