Consulted with Melissa to try and deal with heart palpitations at night and high blood pressure. Her instinct from our consultation was high stress/cortisol issues. This was subsequently borne out by tests, and Melissa provided a diet and supplementation regime. Within 4 weeks I had regulated my blood pressure to normal (consistently 110/80) and the palpitations had retreated. Thank you.


Melissa helped me lose the weight I had gained during Covid, which just would not budge! I had lost motivation and hope of ever getting back to my ideal weight. With her lovely manner, simple to follow advice, and yummy recipes she's got me back on track. Thank you Melissa xxx


I began working with Melissa a year ago to see if she could help with my adenomyosis and severe PMS. Through hormone testing we discovered my hormonal imbalances and have been able to address them which has been life changing. My PMS has drastically reduced as well as much more manageable periods. She was able to put me in touch with a doctor who really listened to my symptoms and was able to prescribe the HRT I needed.
I was always nervous to work with a nutritionist as a vegetarian but she provided great recipes and gave me an understanding of what I needed to be eating. It's completely changed the way I cook and shop. I previously was suffering with hair loss but with the change in diet I was discharged from the hair clinic. My energy levels have also improved through diet and supplements.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone.


Before I met Melissa I was absolutely miserable! Suffered from stomach problems for many years. No doctor could tell me what was wrong with me. I was always tired and my body ached.
I was in a bad way.

Melissa helped to identify that I had a gluten intolerance and helped me change my diet to ensure I was eating nutritional foods and educating me on foods that I needed to avoid.

I also had fibroids which caused me to have severe anemia.
I had to have surgery to have my fibroids removed. Melissa was amazing with helping me to recover quickly. We have been working on balancing my hormones and ensuring I have good levels of vitamins.

I no longer suffer from brain fog. My iron levels are great.

I feel amazing!! I am back to doing things I love as I now have the energy to do them.


Melissa has helped me so much in my health journey. She recommended relevant functional tests to find out why I might have uncomfortable symptoms such as chronic hives. She helped me make the most relevant choice of tests.
Melissa explained everything in detail and sent me very detailed practical protocols and steps that I can do to feel better. Also, her knowledge on thyroid health is amazing and I'm glad to have found her as a thyroid specialist guiding me regarding my medication etc. I can only recommend Melissa as a very thorough, attentive and knowledgeable specialist in the field of functional medicine/nutrition and especially in thyroid health. Thank you so much


I''ve been working with Melissa for just over a year and needed some guidance and advice after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Melissa offers a bespoke nutritional and NLP approach with her clients and I found this very useful. It hasn't been an easy journey for me for just under two years - but I have gained knowledge and support when it comes to how to supplement and what to nourish your body with. Melissa understands also very clearly, that this is an emotional journey and as a client I felt that there was time and space for me to have conversations about the journeys or hurdles of life - impacting stress. Not to mention the bespoke and individually catered nutrition plans - and recipes - which are absolutely amazing, really tasty and exceptionally easy to make. My steps into the nutritional changes with Melissa was undoubtedly a source of new learning in terms of how and what you prepared in the kitchen which ultimately made my food experience a bit more jazzed up. Melissa is also very knowledgeable when it comes to testing and how to read those results. I found this really useful and without her knowledge and support I would not have been able to understand and push my GP surgery for certain things that could help me with managing this condition.

Thank you very much Melissa for everything you've done and I do look forward to continue to enjoy your recipes.


I contacted Melissa Cohen as she came highly recommended in her field of nutrition/functional medicine. I was diagnosed in May 2022 with osteoporosis in my spine at the age of 57. Prior to contacting Melissa I was under the extremely limited treatment of the NHS , which only offered me drugs with severe side effects .
Working with Melissa I now have the knowledge on what nutrition/supplements I need to heal and fuel my body. Even though my initial consultation was for bone health,Melissa works on everyone as a unique individual with an entire body approach and that the body and mind is inextricably linked, so therefore my stress levels , fatigue and sugar cravings have disappeared or vastly improved.
I am feeling so much more in control of body and mind and more importantly confident about my health in later years.

Thank you Suzanne


"Melissa Cohen has been a life changing nutritionist for me. Rarely have I met a professional (in any industry) who was so thorough, dedicated, non-judgemental and constructive. She is fully in the trenches with you and looks at things from every possible angle. She is not satisfied until she identifies the root cause of the problem and always finds a solution!"


Hi Melissa,

Your advice really helped me to remain satiated for longer and reduce my cravings which is something that I was struggling with. It also helped me gain a better outlook of food and I am very grateful! I can already see results in terms of definition and I hope that I will be able to make more progress.

Thanks so much again I really appreciate it xx


I would recommend Melissa Cohen - this my story. I was always tired and carried an extra stone since been diagnosed with underactive thyroid - never felt good for long. Then menopause and lockdown on top added to weight and feeling like I lived in treacle. Having worked with Melissa I am eating tasty food , lost nearly a stone and have so much more energy. I feel like myself for the first time in a long time.



I would really like to thank Melissa Cohen who has not only helped me understand good nutrition she has helped me lose weight within a short period of 4 weeks. I'm really pleased with my results and now view this as a life change rather than a diet. Due to Melissa's great food recipes and recommendations on food groups, I've now changed my eating and cooking habits (and I enjoy cooking). Melissa had a personal approach to my needs and likes and I felt she really listened and delivered. I would definitely recommend Melissa, not only has she educated me on eating the right type of foods but also to feel healthy and lose weight at the same time! Win/win!!


After many years of struggling with acne and going to various practitioners which didn't help, I luckily found Melissa and had a few consultations. I highly recommend doing so as it was a complete game-changer and my skin is the best it has ever been and is clear now after a few months of following her recommended protocol. The supplements and advice really changed my skin and I am so pleased with the results.
Thanks Melissa!


I have been seeing Melissa Cohen for the past several years for nutritional advice and to also help me review my vitamin levels. Following several consultations and advice, I have adjusted my diet and am now eating better taking the correct vitamin supplements so all my vitamin levels are as they should be. I now have more energy and feel I am better health.


I am so proud to write this reference for Melissa Cohen.

In mid 2019, I was diagnosed with acute hypertension and high blood pressure from extreme work and business travel. I had also begun to experience significant body pain, chronic fatigue and widespread arthritis.

After several months of no answers from US and UK traditional doctors, Melissa Cohen was able to quickly and effectively manage my conditions and get to the causes. Melissa put together action plans including supplements and diet to reverse many of these afflictions.

Today only a few months later, I am happy to say that I haven't felt this good in years. I plan to continue working w Melissa regularly for many years to see how far I can continue to improve my overall health.

She has been there for me every single day with support, guidance and precision advice.


I have discovered a whole new way of enjoying good, healthy foods since my consultations with Melissa. My previous misconceptions about eating well have been totally re-evaluated, and I now find my food choices and preparation methods are much more exciting, nutritious and delicious! I do not consider myself to be 'on a diet' which may end at some point, but now eat wholesome, natural and organic foods including olive oil, nuts and natural full fat yoghurt - all with Melissa's blessing.

I would not hesitate to recommend a consultation and programme with Melissa for anyone who has either lost their way with diets, or who may need a re-boot to literally give them a new lease of life!'

Melissa is very knowledgeable in the world of nutrition and makes healthy eating fun and also provides great nutritious recipes. I am never hungry or bored - which is a first. Melissa caters to each individual needs and is very encouraging and makes you feel great.

Just had to tell you about the most exciting visit I have ever had to Waitrose. Had to stop off en route home. Even the guy on the till said he had never seen foods of the kind I was buying. I feel totally inspired thanks to you - you did an amazing job. I even had the silken tofu. I am genuinely excited in a way that last Saturday I would have found hysterical and even a little bit sad. I cannot thank you enough - I am really really determined. Three inches off waist, two off bust and two off hips. A great kick start.Thank you so much. You did a great job.


I have dealt with nutritionists in the past to try and solve my problem but I have never met anyone who comes close to having the knowledge and expertise that you have regarding nutrition. Have a lovely Christmas and speak to you in the new year.Many thanks.


My daughter is now attending school nearly full time as her IBS symptoms and anxiety have reduced considerably.We will see you in 6 weeks time for a follow up.


I have suffered my whole life with asthma, eczema on my hands and legs and 'irritable bowl syndrome'. Thanks to the team at Functional Health, I have NO more IBS, NO more eczema and the asthma is better than it's ever been.I really love that you spent time finding out what was causing my problems, instead of just writing me yet another prescription.