Bespoke Services

We have accounts with all the well known functional testing laboratories including Cyrex, Doctor's Data, Regenerus, TDL, Nordic Labs, Genova and Invivo. Working with a medical team in Central London enables an integrative service, providing you with the best care.

Blood tests are available on the same day in Central London. Finger prick blood tests available in the privacy of your home or sent to your local phlebotomist for blood draw.

Tests include Comprehensive Hormone Test (DUTCH) or blood hormone tests, Stool Analysis including PCR DNA, mould, toxins, vitamins, inflammation, thyroid, metal toxicity, mitochondria support, lipid profile, genetic testing for aging, methylation, detoxification, energy, mood and food sensitivities/diet.

An initial consultation with our functional nutritional expert enables recommendations on supplements, functional and medical testing and personalised nutrition and recipes.

Here are a list of just some of the tests available:

Genetic Testing for Nutritional Health and Fitness (includes carbohydrate sensitivity, fat sensitivity, dairy intolerance, caffeine sensitivity, detoxification, pre-disposition to low vitamin d and b vitamins, predisposition to the coeliac gene HLA DQ2/DQ8
Methylation Testing both Genetic testing for the MTHFR gene and analysing how these genes have been expressed through measuring B12, folate and B6 red blood cell.
Genetic profiling for mood disorders and weight management
Stool analysis (parasites, bacteria, digestion, inflammatory makers) using the latest GI Effects by Genova and GI MAP by Invivo (based on DNA for extra sensitivity)
Small Intestinal bacteria breath test (SIBO)
Cyrex Coeliac and Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity Screen
Food Sensitivities IgG Allergy IgE Blood tests (available London Clinic)
Chronic Fatigue Screen (urine and saliva)
Stress Testing (saliva, measuring cortisol levels and DHEA)
Hormone Panel DUTCH Test incl. stress/sex hormones/vitamins/oxidative stress markers
Full Nutritional Profile (amino acid blood test and urine to check for organic acids)
Vitamin D levels (finger prick)
Anaemia Panel (available in London clinic)
Gut Permeability Test (breath test)
H Pylori Test (breath test)
Magnesium red blood cells (available in London clinic)
Coq10 (available in London clinic)
Lactate (available in London clinic)
Antioxidant Profile (available in London clinic)
Toxic Metal Testing
Genetic Methylation Profile
Kryptopyrroles Urine Testing
Organic Acid Tests Urine, for mould, bacteria and nutrient deficiencies
Methylmalonic Acid Test (first sign of B12 deficiency) (available in London clinic only)


Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring now available with a prescriptive diet to monitor your blood glucose levels and eliminate sugar cravings

Bio resonance available upon request in St John's Wood or Marylebone clinic

Zoom Consultations

Central London Consultation with blood testing available on the day