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Breakfast Green Smoothie

A green smoothie per day keeps a headache away

Maca Hot Chocolate


Zero caffeine, all the boost, without the energy slump! That all too familiar feeling after caffeine, then needing another cup, then craving sugar. Replace your morning cappuccino with Maca. Start the day as you would…

Spelt Chocolate Cookies


Spelt is a delicious alternative to white wheat flour as whilst it's not gluten free, it is lower in gluten. Not suitable for people with Coeliac Disease, though might be a good alternative to wheat, if you are gluten…

Turmeric Latte

Anti inflammatory and immune boosting drink


Great alterntive to caffeine

Chocolate Granola

Delicious GF Breakfasts for Fussy Little Eaters

Fruit Berry Chia Seed Pudding

Immune Supporting Breakfast


Chia Seed Pudding contains very low carbohydrates and high amounts of essential fats and proteins. The perfect way to start the day to balance blood sugars and increase energy. Supports weight loss, immune support, skinhealth, gut health and…

Carb Free Blueberrry Muffin


Deliciouys on it's own or with eggs. Make this muffin your own by replacing coconut oil with butter, or sweetner with coconut sugar, or fruits for cacao or just plain vanilla. I tend to keep this as…

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Deliciously Satisfying Chocolate Cake


Chocolate cake best served with a mug of your favourite herbal tea and a large tablespoon of greek yoghurt. A healthy indulgence, has to be shared.

Yummy Tahini Dressing

5 minute dressing


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Melissa's Summer Berry

Vegan and Dairy Free Desert Serves 4


download the PDF=!1352719! Delicious Summer Fruit Desert, with a whopping 6g of protein per person