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Natural Health Through The Menopause

Natural Health Through The Menopause

Monday 25th October 2021
The Telegraph Online , Extract by Melissa Cohen

Soothe inflammation

Vaginal dryness and atrophy are little-talked-about symptoms of menopause that can have a devastating effect on post-50 sex life. "Mucilaginous foods help soothe inflammation and protect mucous membranes and have been shown to help with vaginal dryness and atrophy," says nutritional therapist Melissa Cohen. High mucilaginous foods include okra, flaxseeds, aloe vera and the herb (not the sweet) marshmallow.

"The best way to extract mucilage from okra is by soaking it in a large bowl of water overnight then squeezing the mucilage from the okra into a glass and drinking it - it tastes like coconut water," adds Cohen. "Marshmallow herbs can be drunk in a mug of tea and two tablespoons of flaxseeds - a mild plant form of oestrogen - can be added to smoothies, granola and salads. Aloe vera juice - around 25ml - can be bought and drunk straight from the bottle or diluted in water."