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Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday 15th May 2023

5 nutrients to boost mood and performance

Magnesium Bisglycinate START WITH 500mg per day. Always check the ELEMENTAL MAGNESIUM amount under ingredients. Korean Ginseng START WITH 300mg gives you a boost of energy to help you reach your goals, best taken before 3pm. Only available in supplement or as a herbal tea. #

Probiotics containing containing Lactobacillus fermentum LF16, L. rhamnosus LR06, L. plantarum LP01, and Bifidobacterium longum BL04) - Most probiotics include a blend. A SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IN MOOD, ENERGY AND SLEEP , TAKEN OVER 6 WEEKS.

Lemon Balm and L-theanine before bed, STARTING WITH 300mg/200mg to help build up GABA our relaxing hormone for a deep night's sleep.

FLOWER REMEDIES including Rescue Remedy, Crab Apple and Elm to lower anxiety, increase positive self image and inner strength. 10 drops in a small glass of water taken, 3 x per day.