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Inflammation is the cause of disease not cholesterol

Inflammation is the cause of disease not cholesterol

Sunday 4th December 2022
Melissa Cohen

The whole lipid hypothesis, levels of cholesterol etc., has been linked to cardiovascular disease and medical guidelines just focus on the reduction of reducing / blocking production of cholesterol as the best way to prevent disease. Conversely statin use has been linked to increase the occurrence of Diabetes type 2, due to insulin resistance being triggered by lowered cholesterol production.

Click on the link to read a summary of medical research into the link between cholesterol and cellular repair and general health. Statins could be just treating the symptom and leaving inflammation to perpetuate and trigger more health problems.

Black Seed oil just 2-3 teaspoons per day over 6-8 weeks has been shown to substantially reduce LDL levels (bad cholesterol) along with a nutrient dense diet.

Have a 1-minute read of my article to gain insight into the science and history.
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