Chocolate High Protein Smoothie

Deliciously Non dairy


This is one of my favourite smoothies. All the taste, with all the nutrients. Keeps those cravings away, keeps my energy sustained, and fuels my brain - all in 1 smoothie.

That's due to protein balancing my blood sugar - found in eggs, walnuts and yoghurt

Magnesium to support my nervous system - found in raw cacao

Finished with 1 tsp Superfood Creamer by Laird which is dried virgin coconut oil with marine algae - delicious, though optional.


3 tbsps yoghurt
1 tbsp raw cacao
1 raw organic egg
2 ice cubes
3/4 glass of Almond milk or your favourite plant based milk
1 handful of walnuts


Blend and serve in a tall glass or a smoothie jar

I guarantee this will peak your energy.