Super Cleansing Smoothie

Boost your day with this powerful gut cleansing and liver hydrating tonic


I think 1 day per week should be all about elimination and giving the digestion a rest. Eating 4 hours apart, helps regulate bowel movements and increases energy, as energy is taken away from digestion and given directly to you. With all this extra energy you will notice more energy for exercise, more focus, better cognition and improved self healing.

The digestive system has a huge demand for energy, don't you deserve to give some back to yourself. Treat yourself to this Super Cleansing Smoothie at least 1 x week, ideally start the day with this. Though can be drank any time. Remember, less is more.


1 whole lemon juiced
1 carrot chopped
1 thumb of ginger cut into small pieces and peeled
2 clementine peeled and segmented
3/4 glass of coconut water


Blend and Serve and drink straight away.