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How many Fizzy Drinks per day to get  Fatty Liver Disease

How many Fizzy Drinks per day to get Fatty Liver Disease

Monday 20th March 2023

More and more people are being diagnosed with non alcohol fatty liver disease including school children. Just 2 fizzy drinks per day can raise the risk of too much fat being stored in the liver. This is linked to Diabetes Type 2 and elevated Cholesterol along with Heart Disease.

The liver is not only a detoxification organ, along with the kidneys and skin, but also houses nutrients. Including glucose for emergency energy, cholesterol for all our hormones, bile acids to absorb fats and excrete toxins and Vitamin A and D production.

Did you know it's not fat that increases fatty liver, but sugar. The WHO suggests limiting sugar to 25g per day. That's half a bottle of 500ml coke. The food manufacturers know sugar is addictive. And the pharmaceutical industry are more than happy to step in with statins and metformin. Sugar depletes our immune system, raises our blood glucose, depletes our energy and literally messes with our metabolism.

Fizzy drinks are marketed as a treat and being fashionable. Though, the biggest carbonated high sugar drinkers have the highest incidence of Diabetes Type 2.

China has the biggest Non Alcohol Fatty Liver Disease statistic at nearly 24% with 75% of the population drinking carbonated drinks daily.