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How do lemons help the body's  alkalinity?

How do lemons help the body's alkalinity?

Monday 23rd January 2023
Melissa Cohen

I do not believe in fad diets, or create health claims that lemon water daily will help prevent chronic conditions. Though I am a huge advocator of preventative medicine and supporting your immune system and vitality through education of nutrition. I am learning every day, after practicing for nearly 15 years.

The blood is measured by pH and is tightly regulated between 7.35-7.45, which is an alkaline state. The body works really hard at managing this healthy level of ph, otherwise if it becomes acidic the brain is stimulated to breath more rapidly and deeper, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide exhaled, which brings the ph back up to normal range.

You might ask so why do we need to worry?

Other parts of the body will over compensate and become depleted to manage this tightly regulated alkaline ph level. Eating acidic foods including red meat, milk, cheese, alcohol, sugar and coffee creates more load on the kidney's and research has shown can increase kidney disease upto 3 x more than someone following a low acidic diet.

The body then has to work really hard at neutralizing all of these acidic foods This puts incredible stress on the body to try to neutralise these acids. Sodium bicarbonate is naturally produced to buffer this acidity to try and neutralise the acidity and excessive hydrochloric acid is produced in the stomach to break down these highly acidic foods, to either absorb, store or eliminate. On going acidic foods and excess hydrochloric acid production and even low hydrochloric acid may lead to reflux.

When the body does not have enough hydrochloric acid in the body to digest these acids or proteins, the acidity from the foods regurgitates up the esophagus, creating uncomfortable burning.

To over compensate the body will draw minerals from tissues and bones to support homeostasis and this can trigger over time - Insomnia, Osteoporosis and Obesity. Any acidic toxins that cannot be eliminated through the liver or kidneys will be stored in fat, especially the fat around the middle, known as visceral. This can lead to inflammation and obesity.

Drinking lemon water daily will help neutralise this along with eating a diet rich in alkaline foods. Think vegan proteins, an abundance of vegetables and an occasional good quality small portion of red meat (if you eat meat). Along with a reduction in caffeine and alcohol and an increase in herbal teas rich in anti oxidants including Green tea, Rosehip tea and Nettle Tea.

It's what you eat most of the time rather than some of the time. Though, if you are starting to get reflux, then big changes need to be made. Green smoothies and a plant based diet along with lifestyle choices such as saunas, steams, exercise and deep breathing to help regulate ph levels of the blood. Don't forget a large mug of lemon water to top this up.

For more information on testing alkalinity and supporting chronic reflux please contact us.