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The missing link between sex hormones and Cognition

The missing link between sex hormones and Cognition

Friday 18th March 2022

If your cognition is declining and you have been to your GP and have had a series of tests and scans and nothing has been detected. Then it's worth investigating hormone support. There are no supplements or herbs that boost hormone levels. Supplements and herbs balance and aid the body in upregulating hormone production or liver clearance, though they cannot magically increase hormone production.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been shown to have long last effects on improving cognitive function. More than 2000 women completed a study examining the relationship between exposure to oestrogen and stronger cognition.

All therapy has to be individualised to take into account the risk to benefit of hormone therapy.

Transdermal therapy is showing more safety efficacy.

Hormones fluctuate though if on HRT always check your levels, make sure your HRT is the right formula for you. Oestradiol (most potent and most common form of HRT), Oestriol (second most potent) and Oestrone.

Always check progesterone levels alongside oestrogen metabolites for balance. Transdermal progesterone in creams and patches are available.

Academic Research by NAMS

Testosterone boosts not only libido, though protects bone health, muscle and boosts mood.

DHEA is the building block for all hormones and is a good indicator in how stress (cortisol) is impacting your hormone balance. Rest, Yoga, Exercise, Happiness is the crux for all hormone balance.

Lastly if on HRT seek nutritional advice as the live recycles hormones and clears old hormones. Fasting, intermittent fasting, juicing all helps.

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