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Plant based diet eliminated Migraines

Plant based diet eliminated Migraines

Friday 26th November 2021
The Guardian, Ashley Gallagher

I have posted a blog from The Guardian as it's close to my heart - headaches and migraines. I can be prone to these along with members of my family.

I have eliminated caffeine, increased my water in take, taken up yoga (which I promise you, is not my thing !!), increased my dark green smoothies, decreased meat and fish and increased more plant proteins.

Whilst I am not a vegetarian, as I don't like to put labels on anything, including food preferences. I know which foods give me the best night sleep and the most productive days.

I add oats to my smoothies as they are full of tryptophan along with avocados which help produce serotonin, our happy neuro transmitters.

Plus magnesium in spinach, helps reduce tension and increase relaxation, which keeps those pesky headaches away.